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Information for our clients

Whether you need help treating a specific problem or just a check up and advice, you can be confident of getting the right help and advice at Lockleys Podiatry Clinic ( incorporating Kidman Park Podiatry)

If you, like most people, are coming to a podiatrist for the first time because your feet are hurting or you’ve just been told you suffer from a condition such as diabetes or arthritis.  Check the Lockleys Podiatry Services Page for plenty of information that is relevant to you and explains our approach to caring for your feet.

We are very proud that Lockleys Podiatry Clinic enjoys a reputation for excellence.  Our tailor-made specialist devices are made with exceptional attention to detail.

This means that we are the first choice for:

Children.  Many parents notice their children aren’t standing quite “right” and they worried there is something wrong.  The ankles might be rolling in, or the toes are pointed downward, or the knees are knocking.  Some of these irregularities are common and tend to correct themselves over time.  Some require simple changes and sometimes an orthotic device helps.  Should your child need a device, we recommend you visit us for an orthotic device that is tailor made with the care your child deserves.  As children grow so rapidly, remember to come back for regular check ups.

Athletes.  We love working with athletes – they are very dedicated to keeping their feet in good condition so that they are able to compete at their best.  Should they require an orthotic device, Lockleys Podiatry is the best place to come as they will get the tailor-made orthotic to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Quality total care ongoing maintenance.  If you like to see attention paid to your individual needs, come to see us.  We won’t ever make YOU fit a formula.  We will find the right individual solution for YOU.

How will Lockleys Podiatry Clinic help you?

We provide many different kinds of care for your feet.

Our care may help to improve your posture and thereby alleviate other problems with your feet, knees, lower and upper legs, back, neck and overall well being.

If you are experiencing pain, our care may help address the cause of that pain or we may be able to at least alleviate the symptoms.

We also help with managing the symptoms of certain medical conditions such as diabetes and arthritis, so that you can stop more serious problems arising.

And this is just the start!

lockleys podiatrist

When coming in for your first visit, it helps to wear comfortable clothes that you can roll up to the knee.  Remember to bring any relevant medical reports you may have from other practitioners (including X rays if you have them).  It’s always helpful to bring a well-worn pair of shoes too, because they show us a lot about your walking or running action.  You’ll also need to bring your your private health insurance card.

IMPORTANT:  Recent changes to Medicare may mean that you are able to get your podiatry treatment more affordably.  Ask your podiatrist about this!  If you don’t have a podiatrist, talk with your doctor and if the Medicare changes apply to you, the doctor will give you a letter that you will need to bring in with you to your appointment.  Of course bring your Medicare card if you have one of these letters.